Friday, 28 March 2014

We're Homeless

So, due to totally unforseen (and fairly baffling) circumstances, The Underlook has been left homeless. Coming home the night before last, our dedicated editorial staff discovered that our site had completely disappeared, leaving in its place nothing but a maddeningly trite message from google - "Oops! The URL you were searching for could not be found!"

So yeah. Bugger.

Thankfully though, being a collection of pessimists and depressives, we've spent our whole lives expecting the worst, so copies of all our old posts still exist. We'll be putting them back up here over the next few weeks.

To be honest, we're trying to treat this whole nightmare like a well-needed spring clean, so the opportunity will be taken to get only the good stuff back on this site. The crap will be ignored; the best will be rehoused; and the future will be bright and fulfilling.


While we're at it, have some Anna Calvi. Because...Well, because it's Anna Calvi.

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